elektrischer reporter

"Elektrischer Reporter" is a documentary series about internet culture and digital change. Originally developed in 2006 for the german news portal Handelsblatt.com, the series is now produced for the online division of german public television broadcaster ZDF.

Every episode of the series is published under a public license (CC), which permits viewers to download, embed and re-distribute the videos in their own internet sites in original or even modified form. Episodes of "Elektrischer Reporter" can even be downloaded from BitTorrent portals like ThePirateBay.org - legally.

Apart from talking heads the internet culture topics are almost pictureless (a massive problem for the coverage of those topics in video formats …). “Elektrischer Reporter” however has found his own special way of presentation: Off comments are accompanied by associative pictures of everyday life or by retro film snippets. Complex contexts are illustrated and explained with funny cartoons. The “electric reporter” himself presents the trendsetting topics as a cool retro style TV host in a drawn black-and-white studio.

Year February 2009 - 2011

For Blinkenlichten Produktionen

Role Podcast Production

- Camera

- Interviews

- Footage Research

- Post Production

- Collaboration with 2 Journalists, a narrator, a  post production agency and lots of interesting people we interviewed

- Internet Archive, Adobe Premiere and After Effects, Photoshop